About Catching Fireflies 

My mission is to get families the much needed sleep they deserve. I want to give families the skills to teach their children how to get to sleep quickly and sleep through the night. You are not alone. I know firsthand what lack of sleep and helplessness feels like.


All children are born with the ability to sleep well depending on the boundaries and guidelines you as the parent set for your child around sleep. You are your child’s most important teacher!

With all the information out there today, it is hard to decipher which guidelines need to be set in order to teach a child to sleep well. That is where Catching Fireflies comes in.  We do all the research for you and then work together with you implementing a step by step plan to teach your child the necessary skills to sleep well now and for years to come.

About Char and My Journey

Hi, I'm Charlene Broughton. A wife and mother to my two children, Emery and Brock. I love camping, fishing and playing ball.  I grew up on a farm and we live on a farm so being outside is what I live for.  Whether it is tending to my garden, mowing the grass or going for a long walk, I adore enjoying the outdoors with my family.

My journey began when I became a mother for the first time. This little girl captured my heart. I could not put her down. I could hear her thinking, “Just cuddle me mom.” She had to be held or nursed to sleep. It got to a point where we were up every hour! I was exhausted. I was under the understanding that this was how it was supposed to be. Every mom has to go through this. I just have to “wait it out” and she will outgrow this. But I thought there has to be a way I can make this better.


She was 3 months old when I started to work with her sleep habits. I had read a few books on helping babies sleep. I had scoured the internet. I knew what I needed to do but it just was not easy to put it together! I needed a plan. I needed someone to tell me, “This is what you do.” I needed that support. So I got it!

To say this has changed my life is an understatement. I thought, "I NEED to do this! I need to help others!" I spent a lot of time researching and reading many books on paediatric sleep to prepare for an extensive mentorship program taught by one of the first sleep consultants in Alberta, Shan Roth. This was the most enlightening experience of my life.

I had a January baby and by the time summer and camping came, sleeping was easy. I thought how easy is this!? I have a baby that will sleep at home, sleep in the holiday trailer when we go camping, sleep at both grandmas and will now sleep at the baby sitters. Not to mention she is such a calm and happy child!

Helping others comes naturally to me as I am a Registered Dental Assistant by trade. My job is to make people feel comfortable.

Along came Brock, the newborn. This did not scared me one bit! I knew what to do and I taught him great sleep skills from day one. Zero to minimal crying. At almost 2 months, he was already only waking once a night to feed. Since he already has independent sleep skills, when his body is ready, he will sleep through the night on his own.

Now I help families, like yours,  get comfortable in their own home. I cannot wait to help you!

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