Beat the Sleep Regression

“I initially  met Char at a Trade Show in Stettler when my daughter was 2 months old.  I remember talking to her about sleep and saying, “Oh she’s sleeping so well, I won’t need to sleep train” and Char replied, “Well, if you ever need help, let me know!” Two months later, the 4 month sleep regression hit us hard.  I was nursing and rocking my daughter to sleep every night and it would take anywhere from 10 mins to 3 hours to get her to sleep.  I would get anxious at bedtime because I didn’t know if I was going to get any adult time with my husband or if I was going to be stuck under a baby all night.  It was started to impact my relationship with my daughter as well.  I could feel myself getting frustrated after going in for the 10+ time to put her to sleep.  I knew I needed to do something.  I then remembered my conversation with Char.  I had sleep trained my older daughter when she was 10 months old.  She was also formula fed so I felt like I was in uncharted waters with my second since she was 4-5 months and nursing.  Char was fantastic!  She listened to me and my concerns and we developed a plan together.  Even though the plan changed often, we were able to work together to figure it out.  The first night was hard but it didn’t take long for my daughter to figure it out.  Char was there with me the whole time.   I would send her emails and she would respond immediately and provide support and encouragement.  In a couple days, my daughter was easily putting herself to sleep in less than 5 minutes at bedtime with no fussing at all.  I felt like I had some “me time” again and I was no longer anxious at bedtime since I knew she would stay asleep.  We also were able to figure out a nap schedule that was so needed. Since my daughter wasn’t having naps but rather nursing and sleeping, I felt like I was stuck under a baby all day and had no time for my toddler.  Now I am able to have a good 1-2 hours of alone time every morning with my toddler which is so special to me.  I couldn’t have done this without Char.  When I was having a tough day, she assured me things would get better (and they did!).  I am so thankful for Char.  I really felt like I could trust her and I knew that she was helping me become a better mom by helping me achieve a calmer and more relaxed relationship with my baby.  I highly recommend her services.  Thanks again!”

J.D. Stettler, AB


9 Month Old Miracle Worker

“Char was so great to work with! She was so understanding and full of great information. She helped us so much with our 9 month olds’ sleep. He has gone from waking every 2 hours, and feeding each wake to now sleeping 10-11 hours per night with no night time feeds! Char was great at following up and making any necessary suggestions and changes to ensure we got positive results from our sleep training. I would recommend char to anyone struggling with sleep issues with their child(ren). Char was so easy to talk to, and so quick to follow up whether text or email. Our experience has been great.”

S.B. Donalda, AB


Sleep Fantasy to Reality

"Sleep had become a fantasy in our home. A thing of mythical stories... Our entire family was suffering. We were constantly getting sick and just couldn’t seem to fight it off. Our social life was compromised. We found ourselves tethered to the house and having to cancel family outings because someone was always ill. Neither of my children have ever been great sleepers, but my 18 month old daughter was worse than a newborn. I would be up with her for hours at a stretch in the middle of the night because she just wouldn’t sleep. Many nights I was lucky to get 3 hours sleep total. Something had to change. It was at this point that we were blessed to have Char enter our lives! It was an emotional process but with her support and instruction our daughter is sleeping 12 hour nights most nights! This is a huge change from when we first began! We look forward to many more restful nights and being able to spend our family time doing things we love instead of sick on the couch. Words cannot express our gratitude."

K.G. Camrose, AB


Rocky Start to Rocking Bedtime

"It would take me an hour plus to get 4.5 month old, Lawsen, to go to sleep. I felt like I was spending all my time putting the baby to sleep and ignoring my toddler. The first couple days of sleep training were rocky. I loved that we could text her the first 3 days whenever we had a question or needed help. The encouraging words and tips were much needed and made the first couple of nights easier. So much stress has been lifted. I also love that my husband or I can put him down."

J.V. Donalda, AB

Some small changes to breezy bedtime

 "When my son was 11 months old, I hit the point of not being able to handle his inconsistent sleep anymore.  He was having super short naps (20-30 minutes) and waking numerous times at night, sometimes staying awake for a couple of hours and needing to be nursed frequently through the night.  I was exhausted and emotional.  A friend recommended Catching Fireflies and in spite of my nerves, working with Char was a breeze.  She helped us tweak our routines to support our son's sleep and within a few days he was sleeping through the night and having longer naps.  There is so much more joy and fun in our house again after working with Char, and I can't recommend her enough!

V.H. Alix, AB


Middle Night Wake-Up to First Night Success

"Before we had Char help us out with sleep training, our 10 month old would wake up once at 4:30am wanting to nurse and it would take up to 40 minutes to get her to sleep sometimes for naps and bedtime. After the first night with Char's help, our little one has slept through the night ever since!! Now she falls asleep usually within 5-10 minutes without me having to go back in her room!! Thanks a million!"

J.S. Blackfalds, AB



Sixth Baby Success

“My baby was 7 months old when I approached Char about helping us with getting some better sleep. He was getting up between 3-5 times a night. Even though he was my 6th baby I was still at a loss on how to get him to sleep longer stretches and remedy our current situation. I wasn’t willing to do the cry it out method. I was pleasantly surprised that Char’s techniques were very gentle. We saw huge progress within the first couple nights. We are now a few weeks out and things are going great. Thanks for all your help, Char!”

C.L. Bashaw, AB


Sleep for the whole Family

"We are so pleased with how our 4 month old is sleeping after working with Char! We finally have a schedule and she is sleeping through the night but best of all, no soother! I highly recommend working with Char if you’re having any concerns with your child’s sleep. More sleep for everyone makes a huge difference!"

J.H. Camrose, AB

Out of mom's bed in a snap!

“We started our journey with Char when our daughter was 3 1/2 months old. Our daughter was sleeping with me since day one in our bed and I was breastfeeding what felt like all the time and all night long. She wouldn’t sleep unless I was next to her and she could sense or touch me.  I felt like I was getting a decent sleep and she wouldn’t wake and make noise at night but just start moving and I would feed her back to sleep. Another issue was I could never put her down she wouldn’t nap - ever and only wanted to be held. If she would fall asleep on me I wouldn’t move because I didn’t want to wake her. We reached out and wanted to transition Kali to her crib. Char was amazing she explained everything in depth and we started day 1 Kali had 4 wakings through the night in her crib and I fed her twice through the night. Day two only a few wakings and one feeding, by day 3 no night waking and she was sleeping 13hrs on her own. She also started to nap during the days in her crib 3 naps a day with anywhere from 45 mins to 4 hrs naps. I couldn’t believe how well she was doing so soon. We worked with Char for a few weeks, during that time we also had immunizations which set us off for a few days but keeping the same consistent routine and the support from Char we got right back on track. We are truly blessed for the support we got from Char while showing us how to sleep train our daughter. If you know anyone who needs help with their children sleeping or mothers expecting, reach out to Char, we will absolutely be using her with our future children and also letting all our friends know how successful we were.”

K.L. Sherwood Park, AB

Toddler Rocking Bedtime in a Different Way!

“I have been struggling with my daughters sleep for two years. Every time I thought I had a good routine down, she would change it up and her sleep went down the drain. My daughter had always been a poor sleeper, or so I thought. I was waking up every 30 min until she was about 1 years old. Then it was every 1 hour. Eventually we worked our way up to only waking up 3-4 times a night. I got use to this and thought this was just going to be the way it was. My daughter soon got use to me rocking her for 2 hours in order for her to go down for bedtime and nap time. When she woke up in the night I had to rock her for another hour. Being a full time Kindergarten teacher and mother, as well as expecting our second child I couldn’t do it any longer. I was burnt out and exhausted. My anxiety was increasing and I was no longer liking the person I was becoming. So my husband and I decided it was finally time to use Char and her sleep training business. It was a 3 week program for a toddler and it changed our lives. I had already seen a huge change in a short week. We started the program at the end of January and my daughter is still going down on her own and waking up maybe once to go to the bathroom in the night but, goes straight to bed within minutes again. It was amazing to see this sleep transformation and working with Char was a pleasure. No judgement was given and support was there each struggle we encountered. My family is very grateful and forever changed. We are all happier. No more stress or anxiety leading up to bedtime. I get a chance to finally rest, and enjoy my evening. I feel more prepared for a second child. I thank God everyday for the sleep Char has given my family! Best money I spent! My husband and I agreed that we will use Char for our second right away.”

N&K. K Donalda, AB

I saw the Sign

“Met char at a family expo after a night of about 3 hours of sleep and definitely saw it as a sign to get some help to get my whole family some rest! My 8.5 month old was co sleeping and nursing all night long.. averaging 11 wake ups a night and 20 minute naps in my bed or in the car. He was irritable and fussy most days, my 4 yo wasn’t sleeping and having more behaviours and of course I was exhausted and not the best mom I could be! The support and instilled confidence from char  made for a successful transition to my little guys crib! He can now put himself to sleep even while teething!! Consistent naps and nighttime. Completely life changing!! Thousand times thank you! “

K.B. Blackfalds, AB

These Twins are WINNING!


We worked with Char to get our twin boys to start sleeping through the night and after just a few days we were able to get down to only one night feed! In less than 2 weeks we cut out the night feeds altogether and both boys were sleeping through the night! I’ve told so many people this already but this is literally the best money I have ever spent! I cannot recommend Char enough. For someone who loves schedules and structure, even though babies are on their own schedule a lot of the time, sleep training is a MUST. If you’re on the fence about whether to sleep train or not...DO IT! It will change your life :) 

S.H. Edmonton, AB

Sleeping Through The Night FINALLY!

"We contacted Char when our daughter was 2 yrs 5 months old and we were at our wits end. She wasn't napping, hadn't been for months already, and at her worst was waking up every 2 hours at night. We had put off working with a sleep consultant because after the usual google search and attempts we had tried so many things and found nothing stuck with our very strong willed girl, we were resigned to the myth of  'well eventually she will grow out of it'. This was exhausting for everyone but become even more so when lambing season hit this year, between our daughter and chore checks I was at the very end of my rope and we decided it was time to get real help. The first week was hard for everyone but even in that week we noticed improvements, and by the end of our time working with Char my daughter, who stopped being a good sleeper at 3 months, was now napping everyday and sleeping through the night! We went from too many night wakings to count to not a single night waking! My husband works away so I was working with Char on his rotation and when he came home for turn around he could not believe the difference! Everyone is getting more sleep now which makes a world of difference, my biggest regret is honestly not contacting Char earlier. She provided constant support all the time, the daily sleep reports allowed Char to make changes as we went along which helped correct habits I didn't even notice I had developed. Char has been wonderful to work with, I recommend her to everyone and I know if my second little decides to develop some bad habits we will be coming back!

S.K. Alix, AB

Happiness for the whole Family

"I am so happy we decided to work with Char to help our son have better sleep. My 8 month old went from short naps, multiple night wakings, and having to be nursed/rocked to sleep to sleeping through the night and taking long restful naps in a matter of days. Not only is he so much happier but so are we because we are all getting the sleep we need. Highly recommend!"

K.C. Stettler, AB

Great sleep habits for toddler and babe!

We recently just finished working with Char for our almost 3 yr old and 3 month old. I for one love my sleep and am super happy to say that after a few adjustments and recommendations from Charlene our household sleeps through the night! Not to mention both of them have great naps during the day as well. Charlene was very supportive, informative and resourceful throughout our journey to better sleep. Thank you so much for helping me get more sleep and providing my kids with good sleep habits!

A. V. Olds, AB


Before working with Char I was lost about the sleep requirements of my new babe. Despite my mother’s advice, I didn’t put my baby down to sleep (except at night) for the first 4 weeks of her life 😜 Then she started getting overstimulated, cranky, and I wasn’t eating until 2 in the afternoon 😬. Then I had a meeting with Char! She went through the newborn sleep guide with me, and we corresponded each week. Now my baby takes multiple naps (#momwin) during the day and sleeps 7.5-8 hours at night 😳. Both babe and I are happy and I feel confident in knowing that she is getting the sleep she needs! My hubby and I take our babe everywhere we go and are able to put her down at friend’s and families houses, and recently a tent in the mountains; still keeping the same schedule! Thanks so much Char! ❤️

A.P. Camrose, AB

A Story about Eczema

When I first contacted Char about our youngest son, he was 11.5 months old and waking through the night( he never did learn how to self soothe). His night wakes we’re on average 2-3 hours, and I was concerned because I was getting ready to get back to work in the next month.  Char was great! She listened, and I mean really listened! She answered everyone of my gazillion questions, she just made me feel incredibly comfortable.  She made up the plan and the first night it took our son about 2hrs of continuous crying, before he settled himself to sleep. Day two.... he cried for about an hour. By day five... it only took our son about 10 minutes.  Amazing!!  Our son also had terrible eczema on his face, and in the middle of the night he would rub his chin on the mattress to relieve the itch.. he did it so much that his chin would crack and bleed.  After doing the program with Char, his chin is much better than it was, and he doesn’t spend his evening rubbing it on the mattress,  he instead spends his evening sleeping through the night!! Totally worth every penny!! Thanks so much Char! 

A.T. Camrose, AB

Started Good Sleep Skills at 10 weeks

“Before reaching out to Charlene, my 3 month old son was SO fussy, would never nap (if he did, it would only be on me or for 15-20 minutes in his swing, once or twice a day) and it would take us anywhere from 30-90 minutes to get him to bed, only to be up a few hours later to do it all over again. Now, he comfortably goes down for several naps in his bassinet and will fall asleep for bed within less then 10 minutes of laying down for up to 6 straight hours! He’s such a happy and enjoyable baby to be around and I credit it completely to improved sleep habits! Char was so supportive and understanding of any worries or concerns we had and was easy to reach when we were in need! I’m so thankful for Charlene and all her knowledge and so glad we were able to work with her to improve our sons sleep!”

M.E. Okotoks, AB


We hired Char when our son was 9 months old. We had a great bedtime routine but I was still feeding through the night 1-3 times. We also needed help with naps. Our son DID NOT nap. Fast forward three weeks and our little man is sleeping through the night AND NAPPING twice a day for 45min-2 hours and my life looks much different (in a less sleep deprived, I can get things done, AND have alone time sort of way). This service is most definitely worth every penny and she is comparatively more affordable. Thank you so much Char!

K.S. Lloydminster, AB

Long Term Success

It’s taken me a while to write this, but that hasn’t diminished what Char helped us achieve. Before Char we had a fairly good sleeper, up a few times at night but I thought that was pretty good. I had worked with another sleep consultant before. She helped gets us to a pretty good place from a pretty bad place. But I still had lots of questions and was going through a bit of a regression with my son . Then a friend recommended Char. Char helped us get from point B to point A. She encouraged us to use white noise, which helped a lot, but most of all she was the support I needed. She checked in everyday. I would joke that she was actually training me, not my baby. Sleep training can be a challenge, though I think it’s harder on the parent(s) then the baby and she helped support me through the process through encouragement and information. We just had company over for the weekend, they have a baby the same age as ours (7 months) who needs to be rocked to sleep, only naps for a few short minutes and then repeats the cycle. We were able to just put our baby to bed at 7pm without any tears and visit for the rest of the evening. They were amazed and we realized this had become our norm! Char kept telling me sleep is possible, I’d definitely take the risk and believe her if anyone is having trouble with their little one sleeping! 

C.C Camrose, AB

Overnight Support(Twins)

“Char was amazing with helping us get our twins sleeping. We started with her when they were 4 months old (actual) and one of them was sleeping through the night on night three! We chose her “Snug as a Bug” package and it was beyond helpful to have her reassurance and guidance that first night without soothers. She helped us get from 4 naps down to two and provided guidance for how to manage off days. Going forward, Char’s guidance has built up my confidence that I can get my babies the sleep they need which helps our family function so much better!”

M.C. Wetaskiwin, AB

Sleep is Attainable

“Char has been a dream to work with (no pun intended!). I knew my baby girl didn’t have the greatest sleep habits. She was in the habit of being fed to sleep, especially for naps. Most days, she would sleep in her crib after being put down for a nap. Ten minutes later she would wake up. I was always rocking her to sleep, or giving her a soother. Half of our day would be wasted on trying to get her to nap. When we started sleep training she was almost seven months old, and still waking twice at night. I knew it was time for a change. For my baby girl’s own health, growth and development, and my sanity. Char was prompt to set up our initial appointment. After we were given all of the tools for success, I was eager to start. My baby girl was sleeping through the night on Day 1. By Day 2 she was falling asleep on her own for each nap within 5 minutes. No rocking needed! Char was with us every step of the way giving us tips, coaching and most importantly support. I would highly recommend Char to any family looking for a good nights rest. Not only did Char help my baby girl sleep better, but she’s in a better mood in general. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you Char 😊“

S.B. Bawlf, AB

Anxiety to Easy Sleeping

“When my son was 11 months old, I hit the point of not being able to handle his inconsistent sleep anymore.  He was having super short naps (20-30 minutes) and waking numerous times at night, sometimes staying awake for a couple of hours and needing to be nursed frequently through the night.  I was exhausted and emotional.  A friend recommended Catching Fireflies and in spite of my nerves, working with Char was a breeze.  She helped us tweak our routines to support our son's sleep and within a few days he was sleeping through the night and having longer naps.  There is so much more joy and fun in our house again after working with Char, and I can't recommend her enough!”

V.H. Alix, AB

Overnight Support(Triplets)

“Char & Fireflies Sleep Solutions was the decision for me and my children We have ever made ! As a stay at home mom with Triplets ( yes three babies) sleep is essential and after only three nights with Char our babies were all sleeping 12h a night without soothers, swaddling or rocking! We started when they were 6 months old (actual) with Char’s “Snug as a Bug” package and it was extremely helpful to have her with us on the first night . She helped us go from four naps down to two and provided so much information for all sleep hurdles We May experience going forward! Char’s expertise and guidance has enabled us to be the best parents we can be for our children, allows me to manage by myself without anxiety while my partners at work and allows for us to get a babysitter so we can get out ever once and awhile !“

C.W. Edmonton, AB




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