Mastering your newborn's sleep was never so easy with this clear, concise program. 


Is this what you've been looking for?

  • You are expecting and anxious about sleep before baby comes.
  • You want to get started on the right foot so that you are getting appropriate sleep for your child's age.
  • You are having a tough time getting into a good rhythm with your newborn (0-12 weeks)
  • You really just don’t know how much sleep your baby should be getting and how long they should be awake for.
  • You want to be able to put your baby down and your baby to be able to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep!
  • You want a sleep consultant’s expertise for the first weeks of your baby’s life.


"I contacted Char when my baby was around 3 weeks old. I saw on Facebook that she had a newborn sleep guide and I thought I should try it out. As a first time mom I really had no idea when it came to sleep for my baby. I thought when he started to cry and fuss it meant he was hungry again. Then Char taught me about how long they should actually be awake for and really he was just ready for sleep! Now at 11 weeks he can settle on his own for naps and bedtime, and usually go for 7-8 hours at night. It’s amazing to be able to say goodnight and know he will fall asleep within minutes. If you are an expecting parent or know someone with a baby on the way try out the newborn guide! You don’t need to wait months for you to get decent sleep :)" - Erica


I only wish I had this program when I had my 1st child. With my second, I was already a sleep consultant and knew all the ins and outs of infant sleep. I established great sleep right from the start. The best part? No sleep training needed. As he grew and developed, he slept longer in the night. I never had to "cut" night feeds. He did it all on his own. He is now a busy toddler and sleeps like a dream. Regressions? What regressions? Teething? Sick? No disrupt in sleep whatsoever! The secret? It all has to do with great sleep skills. Independent sleep skills. Right from day one I put him down awake to fall asleep on his own. Did I still hold him to sleep and feed him to sleep? OH YES! But we put him down on his own more often than not so that his independent sleep skills were the most dominant.




Purchase the program and receive your login information to gain entry to the program materials.


Along with the program, you have a video library full of topics such as acid reflux, colic, gas, breastfeeding, and more! It also comes with a downloadable PDF guide for easy reference of the major components of newborn sleep.

*All videos have a closed caption option for the hearing impaired.*


Implement all the tools once baby is here or whenever you are starting. There is nothing wrong with starting at 2, 5, or 10 weeks. We have bi-weekly check points. I will guide you through what you can expect developmentally in your child's sleep at each of these check points.



"I contacted Char when Hailey was 3 weeks old. I had a baby that would only sleep on me and has diagnosed colic. I was desperate for help. Well, Char is your lady! She has helped us so much! I now have a 10 week old baby that has 3 hour naps and we are having success nights with 1 or 2 feeds. What a success! Even at the end of our newborn sleep guide, Char has given us the skills to move on to the next phase. Thank you for all your knowledge." - Lindsay


  • Sleep environment (What you need in your nursery and what you don't.)
  • How to practice safe sleep
  • How to address routines and awake times, naps, night wakings and how much sleep they need. ALL good stuff.
  • Helping your baby differentiate from night and day
  • Soothing techniques
  • What to expect in the first 12 weeks of your baby's life
  • Multiples
  • Plus SO much more!


Is this sleep training?

No! This is educational. I am helping you understand newborn sleep so that you know what to expect and how you can get into a good rhythm and hopefully avoid sleep difficulties. You will feel confident that you understand YOUR child's sleep needs.

Will this help me get my baby on a schedule?

At this age, we are not going to be able to have a predictable schedule in terms of our timings. Developmentally, it is not possible. Every day will look a little different. However, we will be able to successfully get into a great routine.

Will this help my baby sleep through the night?

Newborns are not capable of sleeping though the night. However, this will give you the tools to help them sleep in longer stretches as they grow and develop as their bodies are ready.

This program is to help you find your groove. It is simply educational on all things newborn sleep. Showing you how to help your baby tap into their own innate ability to fall asleep on their own. It is a slow progression. The goal is to have those independent sleep skills so they can sleep peacefully, function at their best, grow and develop. Does that mean you can’t hold your baby while they sleep? No! You definitely need to hold your baby while they sleep too. We find the balance. Enjoy this sweet phase with absolute confidence in your child’s sleep and feel your best as you start your parenthood journey.


You don’t have to wait it out and you don’t have to suffer through the newborn phase. You can develop great sleep from the start. The guide contains evidence and research based knowledge so you can feel confident in mastering every aspect of your child’s sleep. Are you ready? I’m right here beside you.

Let’s do this together.